December 11, 2017

We're chuffed to announce that the new Radio Player Car has finally been released to the market. We were involved at the project's inception through to the visual design and prototyping phase. We designed a distraction-free UI that was simple and easy to use. The voice controlled app accompanies a bespoke piece of kit that is installed into the user's car. This marriage of software and hardware results in an unparalleled listening experience that combines the best of FM, DAB and internet radio.

Our original designs for the Radioplayer Car app.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Our original designs for the Radioplayer Car app.                                

Radioplayer Car is the world’s first voice-controlled hybrid radio adaptor, offering an easy upgrade for car stereos. It’s a ‘smart radio’ system, able to switch intelligently between DAB, FM or streaming, to find the strongest signal. A small box, fitted behind the dashboard, links to the existing car radio. It connects wirelessly to the driver’s smartphone, which is held safely in a mount. The free app we designed enables the driver to control the multiplatform radio safely, navigating between stations.

The voice control system is woken by saying ‘Radioplayer’, then the name of a favourite station, which will automatically play on DAB, FM or mobile. ‘Wave-to-wake’, can also be used, by moving a hand near the phone. Station names are announced over the speakers, ensuring there is no need to look at the screen.

Radioplayer Car also enables drivers to ‘Bluetooth’ their own smartphone music collections, take hands-free calls, listen safely to inbound text messages and receive instant audio travel news, customised by GPS to their location and direction of travel.

The two-year development process was a true partnership across the radio industry, with firms like Togglebit, All In Media, Travel For Media, and Furthermore involved in designing and building the software and applications. 40 beta-testers were enlisted from across the UK radio industry, to ensure the system performs well in all cars.

Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer said: “This kind of collaborative innovation is vital for the future of the radio industry. I’m proud that Radioplayer is leading Research & Development in radio, ensuring our sector stays at the forefront of innovation, alongside the major technology and entertainment companies.”

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