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A walking app for everyone

In a time when physical inactivity, stress and depression costs global economies billions and pollution and climate change are costing us the Earth. Our team wanted to do something to encourage more people to walk rather than drive and at the same time re-connect with nature and their surroundings - so we created Go Jauntly.

Since its creation, Go Jauntly has been shortlisted for a Webby, won the Cities Tech for Good award by DigitalAgenda and the Civic Innovation Challenge sponsored by TfL. We’re regularly featured on Apple’s App store and have been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Metro and Evening Standard. Go Jauntly is taking the walking world by storm one step at a time.


What we do best

Using evidence-based design, collaboration, digital strategy and end-to-end customer experience design, our digital consultancy team bolster fledgling start-ups and bring innovation to blue-chip companies and organisations who are desperate for change. We will implement processes and functions that will ensure your business, service or product succeeds.


Business transformation

We work in collaboration with internal teams to deliver effective change for real customers. We’re data-driven, but not data-led and use insight to understand people's motivations, behaviours and mindsets to solve genuine needs. We enhance business processes and procedures; from compliance through to delivering customer services. We uncover opportunities for innovation and bring them into play. We've worked this way with the Just Group, Evening Standard and Hachette UK.


Design experiments

Rapid prototyping is the best way to test ideas and processes. Hypothesis driven design provides a solid foundation to experiment upon, prove or disprove assumptions and ensure company-wide buy in from CEO’s, CFO’s all the way through to Product Owners. Putting real customers at the core of these experiments is a must.


Future focused

We solve tomorrow’s challenges today. Being ahead of the latest insights and trends empowers your team and maximises impact within your sector and business. Work with us today to ensure your organisation focuses on the challenges that lie ahead with our customer-centric solutions now.

Animation at User Experience Design Agency Furthermore
Furthermore were commissioned to design our new website. They are true advocate of user led design and proactively sought feedback along the way. This collaborative approach resulted in a really positive user experience meaning our members are engaged with and come back to the website time and again. The mobile experience is really innovative and is a delight to use.
— Sarah Randall, BBF

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