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Collaborate with our award-winning team, bolster your design services and execute change-management, fast.

We help internal business and product teams tackle some of the biggest challenges. We know how important your current and potential customers are, so we treat every business as if it were our own.

Furthermore is led by the award-winning design duo, Steve Johnson and Hana Sutch,  designers and strategists who have over 30 years of industry experience combined. Together they lead the design and prototyping team working side-by-side with internal design and product teams, CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s to deliver business change through customer-insight. Our team are platform and technology agnostic, we work with the best development partners out there.

Furthermore was founded by Steve Johnson in 2013. Since graduating from renowned Ravensbourne College, London with a degree in Interaction Design, Steve has racked up over 15 years experience, working both agency and client-side. Previous to this, Steve was Head of Design and Product Management at Global Radio and Head of UX at an award-winning interaction design studio in London. Steve has designed products and services with Sky, The Telegraph and Heathrow to name a few. A firm believer in iterative design, prototyping and user research at every juncture. Steve focuses on service design, user experience, user research and tech innovation. He is a regular speaker, writer and contributor to the design industry.

In 2015, Hana Sutch joined Furthermore as a partner and co-owner having previously worked with Steve Johnson at an award-winning design studio as Operations Director. A 2:1 BA (Hons) graduate from Brunel, University of London, she’s led key accounts for the likes of Google, Xbox and Nike on some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands across many platforms. Hana is a compassionate and empathetic leader who galvanises external and internal stakeholders and works tirelessly, getting to the root of problems to create evidenced-based solutions for startups and big businesses alike. Hana is also a guest lecturer at London College of Communication, Brunel University and a frequent public speaker. Most recently talking at the Service Design Fringe Festival in London.

A fast and thorough process for innovation and a strategic partner for as long as you need.


No two projects are the same however learnings can be made using the same flexible methods. Our process compliments differing industry sectors and delivers results, fast. We adopt agile sprint methodology with user research baked into every sprint whilst working side-by-side with internal design and product teams.

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User research, evidence based design and innovation is fundamental to creating compelling experiences. Which is why everything we do is guided by these principles:


Holistic vision

Led by insights, we work to understand the marketplace, business challenges and end-to-end customer journey from customer awareness through to advocacy. We gather insights from across an organisation to gain a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities. Ideas are benchmarked against a hierarchy of customer needs, concerns and pain-points - across all touchpoints.


Informed thinking

We test experiments using representative participants (or real customers) at multiple stages of a project. We form our ideas around hypotheses, each one being an assumption about something we believe to be true at that point in time, as a project develops so do the hypotheses. As our thinking becomes more refined, our hypotheses are updated and our confidence in the proposed solution grows.


Collaborative design

Innovative businesses and ideas are founded on teamwork. We support your internal teams with experienced agency-side product and consulting team. We are diverse thinkers, creative doers and rigorous data analysers. Hire us now to bolster your team.

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