New year, new projects

February 12, 2020

We have had an amazing new start to the year, picking up three new projects! We can’t go into too much detail as they are all still underway, but needless to say we are excited to be kicking off 2020 with such interesting briefs.

After a successful smaller initial engagement with Chelsea FC we have been working with them on their official fan app - The 5th Stand. We started looking at incorporating proven methodologies that will improve the end-to-end journey for fans using the app, detailing recommendations to onboarding, the matchday experience and beyond. We have now gone on to design a specific set of new features for the app. It is amazing to work with the wonderful product and marketing team at Chelsea FC as they continue to push the boundaries of fan engagement.


Our proven experience working on B2B products has led to some interesting new work with a different business unit of an existing client. Our longest running client Hall & Partners has appointed us to help improve the user experience of their powerful in the moment research tool - CrowdLab.


Finally, we are thrilled to be kicking off a project with a brand new client, travel rental experts YourWelcome. We will be helping on a number of improvements to their automated guest messaging and advance check-in platform.


One of our favourite things about our job is being able to apply our expertise to such a wide variety of products and projects. We can’t wait to see what other forward-thinking companies we will be able to work with in the coming year.  If you are looking to develop a new product or service or improve an existing one, we are ready to help. Furthermore are experience design, prototyping and user research experts. Using our tried and tested methods, our growing team is ready to help you improve your KPIs, convert more customers, help you improve customer satisfaction and drive innovation.

Furthermore are a multi-platform digital product and service design studio based in London. We have one mission: to create innovative digital products that stand out in the landscape, are beautiful, purposeful and a delight for the user. Hot on user experience and user research, we believe good ideas can come at any point in a project, so we utilise agile methodologies. Hypotheses are always tested using prototypes and real users, with improvements being constantly fed back into our user experience and visual designs.

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