Digital Business Transformation

We understand how daunting making big changes to a business can be, digital or otherwise. Our experienced team of researchers, strategists and designers work with stakeholders from across a wide range of organisations to deliver change. Business transformation often has a heavy focus on how new technology can revolutionise a process or service offering but we ensure the entire holistic experience is considered from digital transformation through to organisational change.

Making a business case

Digital transformation projects require full support from senior leadership in order to deliver real long term value. We have ample experience helping clients get sign off from boards or c-suite. We can even conduct user research to help evidence a business case. For our work with a leading professional services firm we surveys over 200+ C-Suite level executives in order to prove the value in digital investment. Making a case for change isn’t about selling the intricacies of a particular method to stakeholders, but bringing to life how the change is going to benefit the organisation and the impact it will deliver, therefore framing it in a way the stakeholder will understand.

Building a team and a culture

Forming the right internal and external teams and establishing strategic partnerships are key to a successful digital transformation project. We can help manage the collaboration and ensure the right skill-set mix is available at the times they are needed. We use an established agile methodology with clear roles and responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition. Alongside the digital transformation, it’s also essential that a culture of change and innovation is instilled within the organisation. The business will need to establish new working practices and collaboration methods so that teams are not siloed and are in constant communication.

Measuring success

Measuring return on investment and reporting on the performance of a new process or intervention is a crucial step in the process. As strong-believers in evidence-based design,  we always ensure everything is measurable. We have a variety of strategies and frameworks that we use to help organisations identify the proper goals and KPIs. Once those are in place, we will help set up the correct monitoring systems and put into place regular review procedure to discuss progress and amend or iterate on strategy where necessary

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Furthermore is an evidence-led digital product and service agency based in London, UK. When embarking on a digital transformation project, it is crucial to partner with a reputable agency that has the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our expertise, combined with our passion for digital transformation, sets us apart as the agency UK businesses choose to partner with. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

Methods, Impact and Results

Empathy mapping and personas
Customer journey framework
User experience architecture
Sitemaps and user journeys

User story creation
Expert reviews and heuristic evaluations
Hypothesis driven design
User journey optimisation

User research
Online and face-to-face user testing
Collaborative sketching and ideation
Feature prioritisation and feature mapping

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