We’re a consultancy studio made up of researchers, strategists and designers.

Challenge conventional thinking 

Data is the foundation of good design as well as our ‘Hypothesis Driven Design’ methodology which we’ve refined over the years. Our team of experts is adept at matching and adapting the research protocol to understand the needs of your customers.


Design research       Data analysis       User research/testing       Marketplace studies       Business case development       Human Centred Design Training       UX Design Training 

Business outcomes

Understand the needs of your users     Understand the mindsets and behaviour modes of your customers    —   Uncover opportunities for innovation     Build a business case for service optimisation/ creation     Enhance your in-house design capabilities

Improve customer experiences and business processes

There’s always room for improvement. We can help reduce service attrition, improve customer experience and help you get new leads across the line through a variety of methods from UX strategy, to developing a new value proposition and brand identity.


User experience strategy        Front-end and app prototyping         Business Transformation        Interaction design        Customer experience design        Identity and design system creation        Product design  —   Service design        Brand vision and value proposition design        Change management        Design consultancy        Technology piloting

Business outcomes

Improve conversions along the customer journey        Reduce user drop off        Transform design operations in your organisation        Reach new audiences        Enhance your team’s performance

Launch a new product or service

We apply the same market knowledge, attention to detail and care to your new direction, whether that be a product, service or a revamp, as we apply to ours. We’ll help your dream become a reality, get you up and running and work alongside you for as long as you need us to.


User experience strategy        Front-end and app prototyping         Business strategy development        Customer experience design        Copywriting        Identity and design systems development        Product and service design        Interaction design        Content strategy and content development        Service envisioning

Business outcomes

Reach new audiences/markets        Improve CX across touchpoints        Explore new revenue streams


Professional Services & Finance

The aftermath of COVID-19 is transforming how professional service organisations deliver their offering across digital channels with a human touch. Get in touch to find out how we’ve been supporting businesses to forge their own path.

Not for profit / social enterprise

We’re passionate about designing and improving digital services for third sector organisations where even a small investment can have wide reaching positive impacts on service users. Take a look at our work to find out more.

Sport & Entertainment

What does it mean to be a fan? From finding out about the next event, to booking a ticket, to making an experience last a lifetime, get in touch to find out how we’ve been putting the Furthermore stamp on sport and entertainment.

Media & Publishing

Credible, good quality journalism holds a mirror up to society. In a world where news today is fast paced, skim read and sometimes misleading, we help you enlighten your audience in a way that meets their evolving needs.

Public sector

Public services provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the community around them.
Find out how we’ve been supporting local authorities
to provide more inclusive services.

Health & Wellbeing

Our very own product, Go Jauntly, was born out of a desire to help people explore their surroundings and connect with nature to improve their wellbeing. We’ve also helped ‘health’ startups connect to new audiences and enhance their service offering.


Enterprise technology has never been more important in supporting our rapidly changing working lives. Whilst data is the new soil, helping users understand these numbers is even more vital.
Read about our work.


Escaping somewhere new has taken on a new meaning along with the means available to do so.
Take a look at our work with Heathrow airport and
Castello di Ugento.

Get in touch with the team to discuss your idea, project or business.

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