Collaborating with Mudano

November 1, 2016

A few weeks ago we got invited to help Mudano improve the way their Sharktower project management platform managed tasks. There was data driven evidence that suggested users were finding it difficult to understand how project tasks were being managed, assigned and distributed among teams.

We ran a series of workshops with the Mudano team to deep-dive into the functionality offered by Mudano's platform. Due to the nature of the service on offer, the functionality was rich and complex.

We discussed and sketched potential solutions to the problems that were uncovered. We ran the rest of the project in two short design sprints, in both sprints we prototyped possible solutions and tested with users.

After a week of intense user testing with our designs we spent a day at Mudano's office to, together with their in house team, select and prioritise what features are most urgent and make them fit into the existing platform. The features is now being built by the talented team at Mudano. Collaboration at it's best. 

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