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Furthermore offer proven service design consultancy capabilities. Our team includes researchers, strategists, user experience designers, and prototypers who have applied service design thinking and agile processes to bring about transformation to organisations globally. At the centre of our service design methodology is experimentation.Collaboratively, we create outstanding service experiences by enhancing systems, communications, and both physical and digital touchpoints. We work hard to ensure that each interaction with your brand or organisation creates a memorable impact at every stage.

Service design requires a blended approach

As a service design agency, we are aware of the need to blend generative research, insight and inspiration in order to get to the nuanced opportunities to change behaviour. We have the user experience design expertise to turn ideas, blueprints and prototypes into tangible deliverables for your service users. We’re proven because we’ve done it time and again, for clients, partners and even ourselves. From our studio in London, we operate semi-remotely and are small but nimble. We are responsive enough to be able to co-create, rapidly, effectively and with rigour, focus and resourcefulness.

There are rarely two service design projects that share the exact same path, but those requiring our extended discovery phase will experience a wide variety of stakeholders and end users involvement.

User research is key

Some recent user research participant examples include disengaged individuals, health professionals, those from low-income backgrounds and community leaders. By using tools like affinity mapping and service blueprints, we ensure that we understand the unique challenges of each user group and are able to get to the heart of the problem.

Our approach considers all angles of human behaviour, including anxiety and non-digital ways to access information, in order to develop effective communication strategies. Throughout the process, we use personas, customer journey maps, and creative ideation sessions to guide our design thinking. We then choose the most suitable prototyping method to test our hypotheses with real people in live environments. By monitoring results and measuring impact, we can identify areas for improvement and create a seamless end-to-end journey for service users.

Service design workshop
Service design workshop

Long-term service transformation and the need for ongoing measurement

Continual measurement and analysis play a pivotal role in the success of service design projects. It is not merely enough to implement a service design solution; rather, the ongoing evaluation of its effectiveness is crucial for sustained success. Regular monitoring and measurement allows us to gauge the impact of the improved service design on various key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensures that the intended benefits are being realised.

Through ongoing measurement, organisations can identify areas of improvement, validate assumptions, and adapt strategies based on real-time feedback. This iterative process enables businesses to stay responsive to changing market dynamics, evolving customer needs, and emerging trends.

With Furthermore as your service design agency, the insights gained from ongoing measurement and analysis will not only enhance your current service design but will also inform future iterations and innovations. We will provide a data-driven foundation for decision-making, helping your organisation make informed adjustments to your service design strategies. Additionally, this proactive approach allows businesses to detect potential issues early on and address them before they escalate, ensuring a more resilient and adaptive service ecosystem.

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Furthermore is an evidence-led service design agency based in London, UK. When embarking on a service design project, it is crucial to partner with a reputable service design agency that has the expertise to help you achieve your goals. We believe that the research and strategy behind great design is just as important as the design itself. By gathering data and insights to inform our decisions, we help organisations create compelling services based on evidence, not opinion. Using our methods we envision unique experiences built on a solid functional foundation that are a pleasure to use and have the potential for meaning, delight and significance in people’s lives.

Our expertise, combined with our passion for service design, sets us apart as the service design agency UK businesses choose to partner with. Contact us today to discover how we can help you bring your service design vision to life.

Service design methods, impact and results

  • Service maps and blueprints
  • Customer journey framework
  • Value proposition design
  • Business Model Canvas
  • HEART framework
  • Empathy mapping, personas, market segmentation
  • Client & stakeholder Interviews
  • User research
  • User experience
  • Customer experience
  • Feature prioritisation & future roadmap
  • Change management & business transformation

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