Picnic for peace

July 13, 2016

A few weeks ago our lovely Hana Sutch and her friends started a great initiative called Picnic for Peace. Picnic for Peace was designed to promote peace and celebrate diversity and multiculturalism. This idea came after the referendum result came back and overnight, the climate in London felt like it had changed and friends suffered racist commentary and abuse..

Hana felt this was completely unacceptable, and decided to take action. In three days they managed to pull together a family friendly picnic for likeminded local friends and families to come together and celebrate England's amazing diversity and community. 

“We want our children to be able to grow up without being judged by their skin colour, their accent or their or their parents’ race. This family-friendly event is designed for parents with young children who feel they can’t safely protest in Trafalgar square or Parliament but still want to make a stand, to promote peace, harmony and multiculturalism.”

— Hana Sutch

The Event was a total success and brought families together. Local MP Vicky Foxcroft came and had a warming and encouraging speech and Councillor Alan Hall sent his encouraging support for this lovely initiative. 

Since then this small project has become a movement with Picnic For Peace events happening all over the United Kingdom and we're all so proud of Hana and her team for taking action and standing up for such an important cause. 

Do you want to have a Picnic For Peace event in your local area? Send them an email here and keep up to date with them by following them on Twitter and Tumblr.

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