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Project: Redesign of exisiting mobile app

Client: The Telegraph

Category: Publishing & Media

Prototyping and Visual design

The challenge

The Telegraph is still one of the most highly-circulating broadsheet newspapers in the UK. It’s mobile app, whilst popular, was in need of a shake-up and a redesign; it’s functionality and look and feel had not been updated in some time.

They approached us to help deliver a refreshed, contemporary design. Our task was to create a reinvigorated design, whilst maintaining the Telegraph’s distinctive branding; but also to deliver a user experience which delivered the latest news in a more compelling way.

Our approach

Key to the success of this project was analysis of the current user base. In carrying out user surveys, it was revealed that commuters loved the ‘offline’ mode of the previous app: this allowed them to read news on the go, without an internet connection. We ensured the new design made it easy for users to download their favourite sections and enjoy them wherever, whenever they chose.


We ensured fonts were easy to read, images were displayed in the right way to maximise engagement with articles and that animations worked well to help the user understand how to use the app.

We tested the current solution and our proposed design with users a number of times throughout the project.

We worked in design sprints, two weeks ahead of the development team. Together, we worked towards a minimum viable product.

Finally, we observed and took part in user testing to make sure the app really delivered for the people who used it regularly. Analysis from this data allowed us to make tweaks and improvements, leading to a fantastic user experience.

The results


We delivered a clean and easy to use interface adapted for users on the go. The app is live and available for download HERE.

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Providing news on the go