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Project: Blog Strategy & Design

Client: dormakaba

Sector: Security & Access Solutions

Workshop Facilitation, User Journeys, Technical Requirements Gathering, User Research and Testing, UX and UI design

The challenge

Dormakaba is an industry-leading security and access solutions provider based in Switzerland. They provide everything from door hardware and locks, to complete digital access systems for high security buildings and airports.

They are already a market leader within the industry, but they are also interested in further positioning themselves as thought leaders in the security space. They wanted to create a brand new platform on their website on which they could post articles from experts and build brand awareness through a new content marketing strategy.

Our approach

We kicked off the project with collaborative immersion workshops to dive deeper into the brief and help identify the project goals and audiences. We worked with stakeholders to define the overarching project goals, identify key user personas, and map the entire customer journey from awareness all the way through to advocacy. We carried out rapid sketching exercises to help everyone visualise some of the key points along the customer journey and what those could look like on the new platform.

We also ran a series of remote interviews with people who matched the identified persona’s in order to gain more qualitative insight into their day-to-day roles and how they might engage with companies like dormakaba at any given time.


Once we had a clearer idea of the holistic problem we were trying to solve, we moved into a sprint of visual exploration in which we played with extending the existing  brand language into a more modern digital template. As the platform would ultimately be sitting alongside the existing website, we had to find creative ways of refreshing the colours and styles to feel more dynamic and contemporary.

Working rapidly, we moved into designing the user experience for the key blog templates. Within each page we considered the overall user journey through the site and how it would sit within the existing dormakaba digital ecosystem. We then applied the visual look and feel and created a clickable prototype ready for testing. Using the clients existing pool of customers, we ran a series of remote usability tests gaining valuable feedback on our design decisions.

The results

The new dormakaba blog has been expertly built by our friends at Human Made, and is now live and full of fascinating content. With everything from architecture inspiration to security insights, the articles cover a broad range of interesting topics. Check it out here!


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