Concept creation and testing for career transition assistance

Project: Concept testing

Client: GroHappy

Sector: Career transition assistance

Workshop Facilitation, User Journeys, Technical Requirements Gathering, User Research and Testing, UX and UI design

The challenge

GroHappy is a unique platform that helps companies support their employees at key moments in their career. It provides tailored support for employees to develop and grow within the organisation.

While working with these companies, GroHappy co-founders Karina and Jim realised there was a gap in the market and an opportunity to develop a new B2C proposition that offered similar career support but to job-seekers or those looking to change careers. They came to us to help them better define their initial concepts and to conduct user research to gain valuable insights into the most feasible option to pursue further.

Our approach

To get GroHappy the insight they needed as quickly and efficiently as possible, we planned out an initial kickoff workshop to be followed by a short, concentrated design sprint of sketching, lo-fi prototyping and testing.


In our kickoff workshop we utilised the existing research that GroHappy had around their target audience to create new persona empathy maps and run through the full user journey of someone undergoing a career change. For each stage of the journey we collaboratively sketched feature ideas that could best meet user needs in that moment of their transition. By the end of the workshop we had established a series of design hypotheses and three key concepts to develop and test further.

In our design sprint, we worked to flesh out the three concepts, thinking about the holistic journey of the users through each product. We sketched out our initial ideas and discussed the key features, prioritising the ones that would best showcase the concept during testing. For each concept we then fleshed out the sketches into digital lo-fi prototypes.


For the user research, we conducted a combination of face-to-face and remote user tests - moderated 45 minute sessions during which we walked through each concept one by one with the users and gathered qualitative feedback on each. With all of the insights gathered, we synthesised them into a findings report and presented back to GroHappy. Equipped with our recommendations, GroHappy is now doing further validation testing on the most popular concept with an aim to secure funding.


We love working with early stage start-ups to test and validate concepts, it’s a totally different ball game than building products for well-established businesses. If you have a great idea that you need help developing further, get in touch!

Main photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

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