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Project: App development

Client: Democrio

Category: Publishing & Media

Concept visioning, Identity development, User experience, User journeys, Strategy architecture, Prototyping, User testing and Visual UI design

The challenge

Define the service design strategy behind a new grass-roots democracy app. We helped the founders envision their service from the ground up. The challenge was to provide a platform for local communities to become aware, discuss and act on decisions being made in their area by policy makers, corporations or other groups. We wanted to harness everything thats good about the power of the local community, turning people into thought leaders and facilitating positive change.

Our approach

We started by running an initial concept envisioning sprint with the founders. We used this time to establish the feasibility of the ideas by mapping out what an MVP product could look like. We defined KPIs, established an overarching strategy and planned two design sprints.

During our design sprints we developed a high level identity for Democrio. We defined the user experience and detailed visual design for key screens. An interactive prototype was created and tested with the start-up’s target users.

The results

The video-based application allows users to upload their own take on local and global events and issues and canvas opinion from a community of like minded followers. This community data is turned into infographics in real-time to provoke reaction and discussion.


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