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App prototyping

We love prototyping. Prototyping is a particularly helpful way to bridge the gap between a proposed user experience and the final product. Wireframes are great at laying the groundwork, UI mockups are a wonderful tool to convey the proposed look and feel, but prototypes bring to life the user experience itself. 

Mobile apps are well suited to prototyping as they often use a mixture of conventional and unconventional navigation mechanics and gestures. They are intended to be used in circumstances where the user may have difficulty providing the app with 100% of their attention. So app prototyping and testing with end users is absolutely essential.

We usually use prototypes for two key reasons, firstly to test a concept, for example an early design hypothesis that we are looking to prove or disprove. Prototypes of this kind tend to be less detailed, have less or no interactivity built in and could even be a simple set of sketches or wireframes. The second key reason for a prototype is user testing, usually this occurs further into a project. With this type, we have more confidence in the features we are testing, they have already proved their worth during early research and are now being mocked up in order to test the usability and performance of complex user flows. 

App prototypes for conveying tricky concepts
App prototyping is also a great way to bring stakeholders along with you on your journey. We have created prototypes with the primary purpose of communicating new complex functionalities to company bosses. This is useful because the executive leadership at some organisations have not necessarily been involved in the day to day of the project. In a short amount of time you may need to use your app prototype to communicate several interconnected concepts at once.

Work with your constraints
Sometimes ‘proper’ prototyping techniques may not always be possible due to project constraints such as time or budget, but this doesn’t stop us designing a quick app prototype. We believe simulating the detailed interaction design in a way that can be evaluated ahead of development can make or break a product's success. We’re not solely an app prototyping agency but we do believe prototype design should be considered a powerful weapon on the road to user experience greatness.

Currently our favourite prototyping tool is Figma, but we have also been known to use Miro for prototyping, or prototyping tools Proto io and marvel app. But sometimes we'll rummage through our pen pot, pick up a pen and an old notepad and sketch away, take a few photos and hey presto, you have a prototype!
In summary:

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