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The Telegraph - Website improvement





A better and more user-friendly way for users to manage their subscriptions

User experience, User journeys, Prototyping, User testing and Visual UI design. 

Project: Improving the sign up process

Client: The Telegraph

Category: Publishing & Media

The challenge

Metered access? Subscription only? Free? The ways to access online news is always changing and often confusing. Some organisations offer free access to all their content while others restrict the number of stories users can read. For media owners, understanding and minimising barriers to entry into paid-for services is key to the model’s success and growth.

Our task at the Telegraph was to gain a general understanding of people’s attitude towards paid news subscriptions, then analyse their journey through telegraph.co.uk and suggest improvements to both the user flow and design based on the findings.


Our approach

Based on findings from both user testing sessions and analytics, we set about creating a prototype to improve the user journey. We made improvements to the journey itself, improved the UX and designed a completely new look and feel, working closely with The Telegraph’s in-house development team. We further tested the prototype twice with users and ran workshops with the internal product management and marketing teams to summarise our findings, and discuss what was working and where further improvements could be made. 


The results

A responsive UI design that has clear calls to action without looking static and cold through exposure of the perks of subscribing and encouraging sign up.