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Regus - Transforming office lets in a modern co-working platform

Brighter workspaces for Regus global website. We helped improve and redesign current website. User experience, User research, User journeys, Prototyping and Visual UI design were all part of the project.




Brighter workspaces for Regus global website

Project: Improve and redesign current website

Client: Regus

Category: Business 2 Business

User experience, User research, User journeys, Prototyping and Visual UI design

The challenge

Regus is a multinational corporation that supplies serviced office accommodation. Over the past few years, the company’s website had new functionality added to it in a piecemeal fashion. When new features are added on top of old ones, sites like this can become overwhelming for the consumer to use. Pages lose their focus and hierarchy, and features lose relevance.

Regus asked us to simplify and streamline the site, making it easier to use. In exploring the client’s objectives and the existing complexities of the site, our approach was to assess which features were unnecessary and could be pared down, with improvements and focus made on the core ones.

Our aim was to deliver a single site which worked efficiently and displayed perfectly across all use devices, for a clear and uncluttered user journey.

Our approach

We focused on stripping out the non-essential functionality and elevating the most used user journeys. We focused on creating a site which allowed users to browse office locations on any device, increasing the ease of ‘on the go’ usage and making the overall experience more seamless. We turned lengthly processes into conversational forms, we modernised the mapping integration to allow for easier discovery and we ensured language was jargon free and interesting.

The results


We ran user testing sessions in Canada and ran a beta test to 10% of visitors. The site was well received and results showed an increase in booking enquiries.  After completing this work, Regus asked us to create a responsive site for another project they had in the pipeline.


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