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Insights-driven story builder

A storytelling creator enabling internal and external stakeholder to create, share and digest bite-sized data-driven news on the go. 


Most of businesses we meet rely heavily on getting their ideas across using only data, numbers and statistics. One of The Hub’s key differentiators is its ability for users to bring research to life using visual storytelling. Before this feature was released, the Hub’s presentation of stories were not visually appealing or user-friendly. The way people created stories was also clunky, which meant people avoided creating them and when they did create, they deliberately kept them short.

Our Approach

First we started by observing how people were using the Hub’s existing story creation process. We carried out an audit of existing stories and looked for ways they could be improved. It was clear that the current method of creating stories was putting people off creating them, the form to enter was clunky and stories were difficult to preview.

We sketched and tested our ideas with users early. We wanted to make the creation process as easy as possible so constant feedback was necessary. We tested with both internal stakeholders and their client teams. We designed and built the interface and then carried out further tests in a higher fidelity form.

The Results

The creation of a story is a seamless experience where the creator gets a live view of how the story will look when they are done. This removed the need for a separate “editor” view and allowed for the creation and reading of a story to be consolidated. Authors can add their own infographics, images, videos as well as pull in statistics and graphs to highlight key data movements.


The new visually appealing and easy to use tool allowed the creation of an engaging story to be complete in a few minutes. With the new functionality and added content types, a story can be created, shared and edited easily with the guarantee it will always look professional on all devices. 


The creating of a story is a seamless experience where the creator gets a live view of how the story would look when done. They can add their own infographics and stats to highlight key data movement and everything is happening in a live environment. 

The Hub Story Builder, it’s easy to publish attention-grabbing, targeted and polished insight stories, in a convenient format, for busy decision-makers on the go.
— Oli Hayward, The Hub Product Director
How users add new content blocks to their story.

How users add new content blocks to their story.

How to add a quick stat to an article.

How to add a quick stat to an article.

This is an Minimum Viable Product version of the story builder that will later roll out to become a collaboration tool where users of The Hub and their clients can comment, discuss and make quicker business decisions together.

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