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How Furthermore can help with your interaction design project

Our team of visual and interaction designers don’t just make websites and apps look beautiful, they have to make sure they are a joy to use, too. Great interaction design or IxD enhances the user experience -  creating experiences that are more dynamic, intuitive and natural. As an interaction design agency we are not only thinking about how something looks, but how it feels.

Our methodology

Words - It's important to start with a strong interaction design foundation alongside simple and meaningful copy. For example, calls to action and button labels can help someone use an interface quickly, easily and efficiently. Visual Design - images, typography, icons, graphic elements and UI components are the building blocks of a robust design system that can be brought to life with great interaction design.

Behaviors - micro-interactions, animation, motion and sounds play a crucial role in giving visual & audio feedback to the user, as well as being an opportunity to inject personality and creativity into digital products. We consider the tiniest details and smallest interactions, always ensuring we follow best practices and the highest levels of accessibility.

Testing - As an evidence-based digital product design studio who strongly believe in user research, we think usability testing designs throughout every phase of a project with real users is key to success. By watching how users interact with our designs we can validate our design decisions and ensure that your digital product is easy to use.

Interaction Design Examples

Creating a richer storytelling experience for an Ivy League University - We love to make article templates that are more engaging and immersive, whilst being guided by human-centered design principles. On a recent project we maximised multimedia content for long-form articles, considering the visual pacing and motion design to create a pleasant reading experience for the user.

Creating a fun-to-use benchmarking tool for Buckinghamshire Business First - We designed a Virtual Advisor for BBF that allowed businesses to answer a few questions quickly in order to benchmark themselves against others, receive tailored advice to help them reach their goals, and see recommended collaboration circles and events. By implementing interaction mechanics that were just as simple to use on-the-go, we made engagement easy and enjoyable for users.

Design mock ups for the 5th Stand Predictor Game

Harnessing match-day energy for Chelsea - Micro-interactions in the Chelsea 5th Stand app made the Play Predictor dynamic and exciting, just like the energy of football fans rooting for their team on match day. Optimised for mobile, the interaction mechanics and micro-animations created a game-like experience.

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Furthermore is an evidence-led ux and interaction design agency based in London. When embarking on an interaction design project, it is crucial to partner with a reputable design agency that has the expertise to help you achieve your goals. We believe that user interaction is crucial to the success of a digital product or service. Using our methods we envision unique experiences built on a solid functional foundation that are a pleasure to use and have the potential for meaning, delight and significance in people’s lives.

Our expertise, combined with our passion for design, sets us apart as the interaction design agency UK businesses choose to partner with. Contact us today to discover how we can help you bring your vision to life.

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