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A simple way to search The Hub and all its valuable content.


With a platform like The Hub, filled with a variety of complex data and content types, we needed to find an clear way for users to quickly find what they’re looking for.  Our solution sort to create  new ways to easily surface data, stories and documents using a range of criteria from the date they were created to the document type.

Our Approach

We started out by sketching the user journeys with the client,exploring each content type and hypothesised around what was the most valuable information to display for each type of search query. 

We carried out a variety of sketching sessions around different User Inteface (UI) mechanics. From sketches to an interactive prototype using Invision, we rigorously tested our early ideas with users to see if our hypotheses had any value and if we had missed any of the functions expected by our users. 

With the help of the feedback we learnt that users expected to be able to quickly narrow down search results, they were used to using filters from sites like Amazon and ASOS and expected a similar function here. We also found that people preferred to see results that matched their query as soon as they started typing, this was expected behaviour due to search engines like Google.

Wireframes vs. Final design

Wireframes vs. Final design

When we had a system that had been validated and tested several times both by our client’s teams and by their clients we went on to the visual design sprint where we looked at the typographical hierarchy, visual user interface and iconography.

The Results

A bold, visible search that immediately felt familiar to users and allowed for easy filtering and accessability on any device.. 


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