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Shopitize - Creating a platform for deal-seeking shoppers

Redesigning and optimising their website with user experience, User journeys, Visual interface design, Prototyping and User testing.




Get cash back on your groceries

Project: Redesigning and optimizing their website

Client: Shopitize

Category: E-commerce

User experience, User journeys, Visual interface design, Prototyping and User testing

The challenge

We were asked to find innovative solutions to increase sign ups and conversion rates via the Shopitize website. At the time, the Shopitize platform offered a rich app experience, but the website offered greater scope to support customers, and we had big ideas on how to utilize the online presence. 

Through collaborative research and content inventories, we concluded that the MVP would need to have a cash gauge, product list and product page. We needed to push the much-loved app and make a bigger deal of the great content they had.


Our approach

Mobile design was our first port of call. We sketched through the journeys and created a content hierarchy. Sketching enables us to work fluidly and make fundamental changes before pushing pixels. 

Further to sketches and wireframes, we created a flexible grid structure to work across any device and a colour palette that complimented Shopitize’s established guidelines. 

Wireframe sketches

Wireframe sketches

During our iterative design sprints, we carried out user testing, alongside Shopitize’s stake-holders, enabling us to receive feedback from the user and client in parallel. This allowed us to get to the crux of what users were expecting from the site, and what their current pain points were. 

Using the feedback and new ideas that were formed during the testing we began improving our prototype. We found that users were happy to use the mobile site version alongside the original app. Tweaks to design ensured continuity between web and app, and this also made us aware of potential future changes to the app to keep it feeling fresh. 

Shopitize photograph the products in-house with great attention to detail. We worked closely with the design team to improve their images, making small adjustments that produced great results and full continuity. 

One simple but significant change we suggested was the inclusion of a larger header image in the final design, to make a bolder statement of intent: informing the users immediately as to what this site was about and which products they’d be able to save money on. We worked closely with a highly skilled photographer, ensuring that our vision was entirely shared. We came away with some incredible lifestyle shots that can be used throughout all of their products, marketing and promotional collateral. 


The results


We built the site using a responsive framework and integrated with their existing back end systems. Our attention to detail continued right through development. Our designers and developers worked closely with Shopitize’s development team to produce something we’re all proud of. 


The site is receiving great attention and as it gains and retains users and we continue to work with the team on wider workflows relating to Shopitize’s online presence. We’re so pleased to play a role in their journey, and we can’t wait to see how this innovative brand grows. Go and visit it right away here.

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