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Go Jauntly - A game-changing walking app for the masses | App development

Brand new digital tech for good platform that helps people get outside, explore their surroundings, access nature and live more healthily has just been released to the UK App Store. Take short and long local walks, find hidden trails and new places, and discover the nature on our doorstep and beyond.

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Brand new digital tech for good platform that helps people get outside, explore their surroundings, access nature and live more healthily has just been released to the UK App Store 


Made by Furthermore, Go Jauntly invites you into a world of outdoor adventure. Find local walks created by the people who love and know them, create your own and share them with your friends and the Go Jauntly community.

Discover walks
Find new walks based on your location. Simple photo guides help you navigate while nifty tips point out things of interest, places to eat and where to find the nearest WC. Save the walks you love so you can enjoy them again and again.

Curate your own
Got your own walk you particularly love? Use Go Jauntly to document your route, take photos to create your guide and add details that other people may find useful or interesting.

Share with friends
Add your walk to the Go Jauntly community. And don't just share it digitally – share it in the real world too by taking friends and family on your newly created jaunt!

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Go Jauntly's product strategy

The Furthermore team are nature-loving city dwellers who spend much of our time deskbound and yearn to be a bit more active. We're not really fans of the gym but love to get out, stretch our legs and explore our local areas, especially with our young families in tow. But we'd been getting frustrated by how hard it is to uncover new places to do just that – take short and long local walks, find hidden trails and new places, and discover the nature on our doorstep and beyond. So we created Go Jauntly.

“Go Jauntly  will help make it more appealing for people to enjoy and discover new parts of London on foot as part of their commute or for fun. Walking is an easy and affordable way for Londoners to integrate more physical activity into their daily lives and get around.”

— Lili Matson, Director of Transport Strategy at Transport for London

Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers (NHS England, 2016) and with physical inactivity costing the economy up to £20 billion a year in healthcare, premature deaths and sickness absence (Department of Health), we really wanted to create a product that the everyday person would want to use. 


The World Health Organisation offers a Health Economic Assessment Tool for walking that provides a conservative estimate of the value of increased amounts of walking based on averting premature death. If everyone in a town of 150,000 people walked an extra 10 minutes a day, an estimated 31 lives would be saved, with money-saving benefits of £30million per year.

We’re also conscious that teenagers in London are rated as having the worst mental wellbeing compared to the the rest of England as a whole and that 10.1% of children aged 4-5 years and 22.0% of children aged 10-11 years are classified as obese. On top of this 32.4% of children aged under 16 years are living in poverty - so we should find things for them to do that are free. Children living in London are suffering from an unhealthy start in life, we have to consider new and innovative ways to get this group and their parents active and help reduce the long-term burden on our over-stretched health services.

From our own global survey in 2016 we also found out:

  • The most popular pastime on a day off is visiting a local park.

  • The weather and worrying about whether everyone is going to enjoy it are the biggest things that affect a user’s decision on what to do outside.

  • Nearly 80% of people take pictures on their walk with the intention to share them.

  • 66% of people want to go to new places instead of place they have already visited.

Motivated by the compounding science and evidence that highlights the health and wellness benefits of walking, we embarked on our Go Jauntly journey taking it from idea to realisation.

Original Go Jauntly concept video

The process

Through our own desk research, concept app and experience of delivering digital HealthTech and Wellness products for Furthermore's clients, we have concluded that people walking is free, easy and fun and the health and wellness benefits are obvious yet there is not enough being done to attract a new audience to the pastime. We believe that existing health and lifestyle apps are either too techy, too niche or not engaging enough to resonate with the mass market.

We’ve been following our usual evidence-based and customer-led approach and have mapped out customer needs, wants, concerns, pain-points and any questions core user-types may have across the entire end-to-end customer journey. 

Now committed to our tech for good and location-based technology journey we worked tirelessly to accelerate our idea and in August 2016 we won Vestd's" Ultimate Start-Up" title and received mentoring from Jonas Altman from Social Fabric. Following on from this in October 2016, we won a place on Ordnance Survey's funded accelerator programme. Geovation, the innovation hub and ideas incubator for Ordnance Survey who specialise in technology that has societal and environmental benefits.

“We were excited to welcome Go Jauntly onto the accelerator programme because they’ve shown a really novel way of engaging consumers in healthy outdoor activities through a new and exciting consumer product. They are a really strong team with a positive start-up ethos and we really liked the way they resourced themselves through community platforms like, Vestd.”

— Alex Wrottesley, Head of Geovation

Go Jauntly's partners


Creating a unique visual identity and look and feel 

Happiness Outdoors!

Through various of workshops to define and refine Go Jauntly's tone of voice, personality and brand values we came to the conclusion that we want the DNA of Go Jauntly to be open, encouraging, community-led and inspiring as we need to change a sedentary habit of a lifetime! Our branding aims to evoke the feeling and movement of being outdoors and in nature, surrounded by blue skies, biodiversity and the beauty that each season brings.


Slick and innovative UI design


Inspired by new user interface (UI) patterns and a strong desire to create something useful and beautiful, we built up the visual design through layers that move at their own speed and in their own way. The users can easily swipe between walks tailored to their location. To look at a walk in more detail they swipe up. These mechanics allow users to preview walks before they head out. If you see a walk you like, you can easily save it from the cover page. Each walk is made up of a number of steps and each step is presented with a photo and description. These are little nuggets of information that could be an interesting fact, through to handy hints on where to stop for refreshments or use the loo! From any of the steps, you can flip to the map.  


Technical approach
The iOS app is built using the native programming language Swift. We have also integrated geolocation, mapping, photo and camera integration. Our system admin uses a serverless architecture, meaning we can grow and scale appropriately as our user base grows. Backend technologies include AWS, Lambda, DynamoDB (noSQL) and Cognito. Our minimum loveable product is now available on iOS on the UK App Store. We are currently in public beta and piloting in London.


Content creation, Social media and PR

Designing digital touchpoints
Go Jauntly is a community based app, that also relies on user generated content so we're working hard to build our community through various social channels and relevant partnerships with companies and people working towards the same thing we are - happiness outdoors and technology for good that has a positive social impact.  Instagram and Twitter have been our main communication tools throughout this progress, with Facebook being our next challenge.  We've create a content calendar full of fun social content, designed to attract a new social media audience and engage existing walking fans. 


Getting out and about in London Town by creating walks
One of the most important things about Go Jauntly is the content. So whilst designing and creating this product we also spent hours outside, scoping out London for all its hidden gems and amazing places. Working outdoors and pounding the streets has some pretty good benefits.... 

With a variety of people contributing we've also managed to get walks that fulfil different users needs. So whether you're out with the pram or looking to have a nice walk on your way to the pub, we've got it. 

The next steps for are to continue working on additional innovative features, building up the community, adding more walks from further afield and organising some real-life local jaunts where everyone is welcome.

Furthermore are a multi-platform digital product and service design studio based in London and this is our first venture. We believe in collaboration, social impact projects and the power of technology for good.  So please do get in touch if you have an idea, vision or roadmap that you would like to create and collaborate on alongside our expert team of strategists and product designers.


We’ve been lucky to get recognition from some of the worlds most popular news outlets and design awards and we’re incredibly humbled by it and their acknoledgement of our work towards tech for good. 



DigitalAgenda - Cities


Webby Awards - Lifestyle


UX UK Awards - User experience


Featured in


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