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Discover walks, curate your own and share outdoor adventures with our latest Venture Go Jauntly.

Into the future we venture

At Furthermore, we believe in investing time, energy and expertise into creating our own digital products and services. Ones that benefit the health and wellbeing of the general public, the environment and society as a whole, particularly float our boat. We aren't fans of what we call 'digital waste' so using data and research insights to create 'Heath Tech' and 'Tech for Good' is motivating. It's our duty as designers to utilise our user experience and service design skills to positively impact society and are always conscious of the affect digital products and services can have on customers.  We make responsible and sustainable design a key part of our process.

 Some of the Furthermore and Go Jauntly team participating in Run Hack at the Urban Innovation Centre in London.

Some of the Furthermore and Go Jauntly team participating in Run Hack at the Urban Innovation Centre in London.

Alongside creating our own products and services we will often partner with likeminded companies and organisations to bring ideas to life, envision prototypes and proof of concepts, develop business models, go-to-market strategies, roadmap development, content strategies and extensive user research. No matter the project we adopt our design led and user centric approach and utilise our best practice user experience and design methodologies to ensure innovations are evidence-based and honed to meet end to end customer needs.

Our first solo venture and spin out product is, Go Jauntly, a platform to help people discover walks, curate their own and share outdoor adventures. Find out more below. 

Go Jauntly - a unique walking app

Go Jauntly is a spin out product that we’ve created to help people discover new places to walk, be more active and have healthier bodies and minds. We are nature-loving Londoners and city dwellers who don’t go to the gym and sit at our desks all day. Some of us have young families and we all love exploring our local areas. After discussing how hard it is to discover near and far, nice places to have short and long walk amongst nature, we decided to create something that would help us get off our bums and be inspired by the great outdoors. 

Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers (NHS England, 2016) and with physical inactivity costing the economy up to £20 billion a year in healthcare, premature deaths and sickness absence (Department of Health), we really wanted to create an product that the everyday person would want to use. The platform is now available to download on the UK App Store, and we're currently piloting in London.  

The reasons Go Jauntly took the top prize are comprehensive. Primarily, because it’s a great idea that its founders have thoroughly thought out and researched, and are committed to turning it into a viable business.
— Naveed Akram, Co-founder, Vestd

So far we've worked with Vestd to enhance our collaboration and skill set, are a part of the Geovation accelerator programme. Ordnance Survey's Geotech hub). We were also granted £20k funding as part of this challenge.

Our Partners

To find out more about Go Jauntly, check out the case study, head to our product site or download the iOS app now. If you're an Android user, hold tight as we are in the process of making Go Jauntly accessible to even more people so in the meantime, find hidden gems and amazing walks on instagramtwitter or on facebook.

From joint ventures, revenue-sharing, consultancy or simply engaging us for a couple of ux and design sprints, we'd love to hear from likeminded partners and organisations and collaborate, co-create or consult on products or services that have the opportunity to revolutionalise the public, third and private sectors. 

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