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Business Transformation


Business Transformation

We understand how daunting making big changes to a business can be, our experienced team work with stakeholders from across a wide range of businesses and organisations to deliver change. Business transformation often has a heavy focus on how new technology can revolutionise a process or service offering, we ensure the entire experience is considered from digital transformation through to organisational change.

Digital transformation projects require full support from the C-suite in order to deliver real long term value. Day-to-day we work with a wide range of stakeholders, from budget controllers, decision makers and resource managers. Forming the right internal and external teams and establishing strategic partnerships are also key, we will ensure the right skill-set mix is available at the times they are needed.

Instilling a culture of change and innovation within an organisation is another exciting challenge we deliver. A new outlook to collaboration between teams is established and agile methodology improves delivery and flexibility. Measuring return on investment and reporting on the performance of a new process or intervention is key, we ensure everything is measurable.

Throughout our projects, the user’s experience is always at the heart of what drives us. We prototype and create solutions that stand-out in the landscape, have a clear value proposition and are validated through evidence-based user research and design.


Methods, Impact and Results

  • Empathy mapping and personas

  • Customer journey framework

  • User experience architecture

  • Sitemaps and user journeys

  • User story creation

  • Expert reviews and heuristic evaluations

  • Hypothesis driven design

  • User journey optimisation

  • User research

  • Online and face-to-face user testing

  • Collaborative sketching and ideation

  • Prototyping

  • Feature prioritisation and feature mapping


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