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We're a digital product and service design consultancy specialising in hypothesis-driven design.

We help businesses and brands tackle some of the biggest challenges industries and the marketplace face by utilising our three guiding principals: holistic vision, informed thinking, and collaborative design.

Furthermore was founded by Steve Johnson and co-owned by Hana Sutch both who are award-winning designers and strategists who combined have +30 years of experience in the industry. Together they lead the consultancy business. Our agency attitude is founded on collaboration and co-creation and you will find us, incubating, researching, prototyping both our own and our partners ideas. The business strategy and user experience is at the heart of what drives us, and we have extensive experience in service design, lean user experience, high level brand and identity development, visual and interaction design and digital product design and development. We are platform and technology agnostic so work with some of the best UK-based development partners and internal client development teams.

Furthermore was founded by Steve Johnson in 2013. Since graduating from renowned Ravensbourne College, London with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Interaction Design, Steve has racked up 15 years experience under his belt, working both agency and client-side. Previous to this, Steve was Head of Design and Product Management at Global Radio and Head of UX at an award-winning interaction design studio in London. Steve has designed products with Sky, The Telegraph and Heathrow to name a few. A firm believer in iterative design, prototyping and user research at every juncture. Steve focuses on service design, user experience, user research and tech innovation. He is a regular speaker, writer and contributor to the design industry, most recently talking at London Tech Week and Innovate UK’s Digital Catapult.

In 2015, Hana Sutch joined Furthermore as a partner and co-owner having previously worked with Steve Johnson at an award-winning design studio as Operations Director. A 2:1 BA (Hons) graduate from Brunel, University of London, she’s led key accounts for the likes of Google, Xbox and Nike on some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands across many platforms. Hana is a compassionate and empathetic leader who galvanises external and internal stakeholders and works tirelessly, getting to the root of problems to create evidenced-based solutions for startups and big businesses alike. Hana is also a guest lecturer at London College of Communication, Brunel University and a frequent public speaker. Most recently talking at the Service Design Fringe Festival in London.


Mikaela Larsson
Product Designer
Focusing on multi-platform UX design, UI design and user research, Mikaela is a natural problem solver and an award-winning Interaction Designer. Like the rest of Furthermore, she wants to make people’s lives easier through great digital product and service design. A graduate from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden
and the world-renowned Miami Ad School in New York, USA she was also the lead product designer and founding member of Go Jauntly, our award-winning walking app.

Mark Durrant
Product Lead
Furthermore’s product lead Mark is an expert in combining disciplines involved in creating B2B and B2C digital products and services. With a degree 2:1 BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from University of Bath, Mark is a hands on product and UI designer and you’ll find him prototyping and implementing our product and service design solutions using the latest tech. He has a wealth of experience in the fields of product strategy and software development. Mark excels at bringing teams together to create truly integrated solutions for large blue chip clients and startups alike.


Sarah Hodges
Design Lead
Sarah is a our visual design lead and design extraordinaire who uses an evidence based and human centric approach to crafting meaningful experiences across all digital platforms. She graduated from Northumbria University with a 1st class BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and has over 10 years of experience working with both agencies and start-ups designing websites, mobile apps, TV interfaces and interactive installations. She also shapes brands by helping to tell their omnichannel stories.

Shane Henderson
Project Manager
Shane lives and breathes organization. He spells it with a ‘z’ because that’s what they do in ‘Merica. He has a diverse background in project management and has produced films, promos, and even organised large-scale immersive events back in Austin, Texas. At Furthermore, he leads projects with aplomb and provides our clients and partners with first class account and project management, ensuring ideas are realised from idea through to implementation, launch and beyond.

We are also supported by a tried and trusted wider network of consultants, partners and technologists. Get in touch and find out more.

A fast and thorough process for innovation


We believe a great idea can come from anywhere and at any stage of the design process so we’ve built in smart techniques to allow for innovation at any point. We run our projects in agile sprints and work collaboratively and transparently with our team, clients and partners.  Our aim is to get to the core of the business challenges, design problems and to solutions, faster. Every step of the journey is explored, designed, user tested and iterated upon. 


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We stay focused and aligned through our guiding principles


Holistic vision

Led by insights, we work to understand the market landscape, business challenges and end-to-end customer journey experience from awareness to advocacy. Product and service features are benchmarked against a hierarchy of user needs, concerns and pain-points - across all customer touchpoints.


Informed thinking

Through user research, landscape studies and evidence-based design, we are always informed. We always user test. This is because there is nowhere to hide when user testing and it’s an essential way to validate our business, design and user experience hypotheses and helps to inform the overarching direction.


Collaborative design

We believe innovative businesses and ideas are founded on teamwork. Diverse thinking and co-creation mean our team work side-by-side with our clients and partners to envision the future of business, the future of industry and the future of brand touch-points and digital products and services.

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