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About Furthermore - User Experience Agency London, UX Agency, Product Design

We transform businesses and ideas through data and informed design. We create compelling and purposeful digital products.

We’re a digital product and service design studio made up of strategists, designers and technologists who have designed and built products - using just about any platform available today and some from tomorrow.  

Our agency attitude is founded on collaboration and you will find us, incubating, researching, prototyping both our own and our partners ideas. The user’s experience is at the heart of what drives us, and we have extensive experience in lean UX, visual and interaction design and digital product development.

Our sole aim is to make great-looking, flawlessly operating products that inspire and delight our clients and their consumers alike.


A fast and thorough process for innovation


We believe a great idea can come from anywhere and at any stage of the design process so we’ve built in smart techniques to allow for innovation at any point. We run our projects in agile sprints and work collaboratively and transparently with our team, clients and partners.  Our aim is to get to the core of the design problems and solutions, faster. Every step of the journey is explored, user tested, trialled, and iterated upon. We’re meticulous about every stage of the process, from user and landscape research and user insights, to delightful user experience and inspirational visual design and user testing, validation and iteration, we help big companies and small bootstrapping start-ups to bring their products to the market sooner and most importantly, successfully.


We stay focused and aligned through our guiding principles


Holistic vision

Led by insights, we endeavour to understand the end-to-end customer journey experience from awareness and consideration to re-visiting or re-use and user advocacy. Product and service features are benchmarked against a hierarchy of user needs, concerns and pain-points - across all digital touchpoints.


Informed thinking

Through user research, landscape studies and strategy and planning and evidence-based design, we are always informed. We always user test. This is because there is nowhere to hide when user testing and it’s an essential way to validate our design and user experience hypotheses and helps to inform our overarching creative direction.


Collaborative design

We believe innovative products are founded on teamwork, diverse ways of thinking, and collaborative co-creation therefore our team work side-by-side with our clients and partners. We believe the old agency-client model is dead so together we will design and build unique experiences, which are built on a solid functional foundation that are a pleasure to use and have the potential for meaning, delight and significance in people’s lives.


With our wide selection of collaborators, we've collected a wide range of experience and expertise in different sectors. We love working and learning from different fields and are always open for new areas to innovate and collect experience in. Here is a selection of sectors we've been working in. 


Staying healthy both mentally and physically can seem like an uphill struggle. We are lucky enough to work on some great health & wellness products for our clients and ourselves. Go Jauntly, our latest venture.


Creating tech for good is one of our big motivators. With the leaps in technology advancements, we always try to have a positive effect on people's lives. How we innovated the way we communicate while driving.


Another of our core values at Furthermore is the access to good, credible journalism. News today is fast paced, often skim-read and misleading. We strive to enlighten people in new and creative ways. How we helped transform The Telegraph.


The way we educate ourselves and our children has changed considerably in recent years. We have helped companies transform their education products and services. The future of planning maths teaching.


The travel & leisure industry is being disrupted more than ever by technology. We’ve helped companies stand out and adapt to today's changing digital landscape. Explore the beautiful Castello di Ugento.


Fostering innovate partnerships between businesses is crucial to running a healthy business. We’ve helped businesses across the UK do business with others using the latest technology. How we transformed BBF's platform.


Our strengths & capabilities:

Digital Strategy and Research

  • Digital Transformation

  • User Research

  • Landscape Research

  • Product Strategy

  • Content Strategy

Product & Service Design

  • User Experience

  • Interaction Design

  • Brand and Identity Design

  • Multi-platform Design

  • App Design

Make, Measure & Experiment

  • User Testing

  • Prototyping

  • Front-end Development

  • App Development

  • Brand and Content Creation

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