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The Hub - Explore data dashboard


Explore Real-time Date View

A new way to easily explore market insights data to create real-time actionable insights for brands and businesses.


'Explore’ allows users to easily show metrics from multiple data sets on one graph. We developed a system that would allow 2-Y-axis charts to be created and an intuitive interface to allow for configuration of the charts.

Our Approach

This aspect of the Hub presented us with an interesting interaction design challenge. Until this point it had been impossible to view multiple data sets on one graph in the Hub. Users could view one set of data and then visit another chart to view another. Now it was possible to see the full overview of a brand, it’s marketing and business performance in one place and easily compare patterns around how one metric could be influencing another.

We started by really getting to know the data in detail. We needed to know all the use cases, all the different types of data, their units, and how they were connected and displayed. Once we understood the data we had to play with and it’s context we spoke to teams about the things they wanted to be able to do with the data. This ranged from being able to compare two survey metrics through to comparing two seemingly unrelated metrics using different units.


Next we sketched extensive logic flows and considered a wide range of user scenarios. We sketched out a UI that would facilitate the selection of metrics on both Axis and allow for the information to be clearly displayed once selected. These were used to get further feedback from end users and this was fed back into further iterations. 

The Results

We introduced a ‘dimension picker’ which meant users could simply select what they wanted to see, and The Hub would automatically configure the chart for you in real-time. We carefully considered every aspect of the interface as we knew space would be at a premium. The resulting display of data and ability to configure the views is market leading and something we are all truly proud to have been part of. 

Displaying an empty chart before any data has been added to it. 

Displaying an empty chart before any data has been added to it. 

We made the way to add a new chart and a new axis simple and quick. 

We made the way to add a new chart and a new axis simple and quick. 

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