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We created an app that allows Rajar to collect radio listening data from users. Mobile app development with User research, User testing, Visual interface design, Integration with backends systems and development.




We created an app that allows Rajar to collect radio listening data from users

Project: Mobile app development

Client:  Rajar

Category: Innovation & Technology

User research, User testing, Visual interface design, Integration with backends systems and development

The challenge

Since 1992, RAJAR have measured audience listening for the BBC and commercial radio stations throughout the UK. Over time, they’ve used many different methods of capturing data including paper, web and app diaries. 

RAJAR found that their prototype mobile diary was not delivering maximum user engagement. Their aim was to improve retention, and therefore create more accurate data for the radio industry, and that's when they turned to us. The prerequisites for the web app were a diary and questionnaire for users to provide information about their listening habits.


Our approach

We were free to devise the right language, visual design and user experience. 

The setup process includes logging in, setting up a profile and selecting radio stations. Once this is complete, users are asked to list the stations they listen to, when, where and for how long. They were also asked to complete the optional questionnaire. Nobody enjoys the process of laboriously entering data, so our challenge was to make the experience simple, quick and engaging.


Through research and user testing we were able to distinguish the problem areas within the journey. The difficulty of some of the mechanics made creating a user profile unintuitive, and there was need for more contrast between screens. The original design was uninspiring. Users were frequently disoriented, often overwhelmed and borderline bored. 

We began by evaluating the content. Copy was reduced and conflicting interaction mechanics removed. We highlighted contrasting sections with a new colour scheme and clearly separated the crucial journeys. Users were now encouraged to complete the diary and questionnaire every time they visited. 

The whole backend of the site needed an overhaul. The process reworked it to be lighter, easier to update and more efficient. Many of the kinks were ironed out to ensure the user had the smoothest experience from start to finish, and any legacy processes were stripped out. 

Entering radio listening each day is intrinsically repetitive; so establishing a stress-free experience was vital. Flat design principles and complimentary colours were meticulously considered. We have a responsibility to consider every user, and that includes generating accessible colour palettes. This is a practice of finding shades to allow visually impaired users to differentiate text and hierarchy of content. RAJAR selects a wide range of participants to complete the diary: everyone should be accommodated. 

We created a prototype that mirrored gestures such as swipe and tap. We assembled the Furthermore and RAJAR teams to observe testing in real-time. This allowed a session to be run in parallel that dissected the user feedback for the next design iterations. 

Testing revealed some compelling insights. In particular, user’s expectation around feedback: upon completion, the user often expected to be able to review their data, and possibly be rewarded for their involvement, too. With this in mind, we created a feature which delivered a personalised summary for the user upon their completing the information capture. With the data we’d accrued, we created a ‘roundup’ feature for all users, displaying their listening hours and their favourite station in the style of an info graphic, giving them an immediate, visual summary of their habits. 

The web app is currently being tested on a section of users. In anticipation of a future nationwide rollout, we’re excited to see great results from this initial trial stage.


The results


We created an an app that in a visually pleasing and fun way helps the user get an overview of their radio habits, at the same time that Rajar could collect data for future projects and app improvements. 

The app is live, you can find out more and download it from the App Store or Google Play Store

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