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Online Video Editor - Editing video in-the-cloud like never before

A web application that allows users of all abilities to create, edit and share videos. We carried out and created User testing & Prototyping, Service design, User experience and UI design.



A web application that allows users of all abilities to create, edit and share videos

Project: Video editing web app

Client: Forbidden Technologies

Category: Innovation & Technology

User testing & Prototyping, Service design, User experience and UI design

The challenge

We were invited to lead the design and user experience for an online video editor aimed at the consumer market. Our client, Forbidden Technologies, had until now focused on technology that catered for the needs of the broadcast industry. Whether you have experience editing video or are new to it all, we designed a product that guides you through a simple process and rewards you with a professional quality movie.

Our approach

We employed a number of lean design methodologies. Working collaboratively, we embedded ourselves within the team at Forbidden. This way everyone was close to the action! 

Starting with indepth research, we quickly discovered that traditional video editing software left users baffled. The language and iconography in most video editors were largely hangovers of the past. Through rapid prototyping and user testing we established the perfect combination of conversational copy, familiar terminology, instructive visual language and contemporary design.

The results


We designed an interface which drew inspiration from real world interaction paradigms. 

Similar to highlighting words in a document, the Highlight tool allows people to take their original video from their phone or camera and easily choose their best bits.

The user puts all their video into their preferred order using coloured blocks. Each one representing a different part of the movie and it's duration. Playing back the videos occurs instantly, making re-ordering, previewing and cutting your clips a breeze.


The user can add extras, such as stickers, text and filters. The layering provides a real-time preview, so you can instantly see how an effect looks on your video with no need for guesswork.


Adding music or your own narrative is simple too when using the in-built library or uploading your own.


Saving your progress is simple using the movie library, so if you need a little longer to craft your masterpiece your work is safely stored in the cloud.


The Online Video Editor is currently in Beta at http://www.onlinevideoeditor.co/. The team over at Forbidden are offering a huge discount for early adoptors, so don't wait! Start editing your videos today.


Furthermore have been a revelation. Having hired scores if agencies, I can honestly say that Furthermore have been one of the best. The will become one of the most sought after agencies in London soon, so I’d hire them now!
— Aziz Musa, CEO Forbidden Technologies

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