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Design Talk by Furthermore - save the date

Design talk by Steve Johnson from Furthermore

Yo! London Tech Week talk by Furthermore - save the date

June 2016

Whoop! Our UX superstar, Steve Johnson is doing a talk at London Tech Week with the lovely guys at Browser London and Cronycle. The talk is hosted by the brilliant Forge & Co and will give you industry expert tips and tips on how to use research & insights to design and develop, useful and successful tech products.

Here’s an outline of the London Tech Week event on Wednesday 22nd June, 2016.

  • Talk 1 – Cronycle – Quickly researching your market to find your product niche
  • Talk 2 – Furthermore – Turning research and insights into design hypothesis and user testing
  • Talk 3 – Browser London – Making the leap from service to product agency: how we did it

There will be a 30 minute talk per company (20 minute presentation with 10mins for Q&A)

It’s free, so save the date!