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Media Research Group - Monetising a not-for-profit group

Improve the Media Research Groups website user experience , with a key focus on event sales. Publishing & Media. User Research, User journey mapping, User experience Design, Customer Acquisition and Conversion Improvements


Improving customer acquisition and conversion for the leading Media Research organisation

Responsibilities: User Research, User journey mapping, User experience Design, Customer Acquisition and Conversion Improvements

Project: Improve the Media Research Groups website user experience , with a key focus on event sales.

Client: The Media Research Group

Category: Publishing & Media

The challenge:

The Media Research Group (MRG) are a non-profit group dedicated to supporting media research professionals with training, events and information. They found that their members were finding it difficult to book tickets for their events and sign up and renew their MRG memberships on their current website. Furthermore worked with MRG and our development partners Shed Collective to understand the MRG user base and establish a solid UX foundation for the website redesign. Simplifying the complex events and membership processes to aid customer acquisition and improve events sales. 

Our approach:

During initial conversations with MRG we identified that there were several distinct types of user for the MRG website all with a diverse set of needs. Some users would already be MRG members wanting to buy event tickets or renew their membership and some would be learning MRG for the first time. In addition a common complaint about the current MRG website from members was that it was difficult for large organisations to manage the memberships of multiple employees so we created a new type of user that could administer the membership of multiple users. 


This detailed user analysis was documented and formed the basis for our next area of focus, improving the speed and ease of use for registering as an MRG member and purchasing events tickets. These were the most complex aspects of the existing site and were where the majority of MRG’s users were having issues. We started by sketching out user journeys for these key tasks for a few of our target user types. Defining separate user journeys for specific user types really helped us to simplify these core tasks as we could eliminate a lot of redundant elements that were for specific user types. 

We also made great progress by identifying common elements across these two tasks. We found that the payment process has been sub-par for both the user and MRG staff. Often requiring a lot of manual processing by MRG to complete payments. Working with Shed we designed a payment solution that was entirely consistent across the site. 

Finally we completed two designs sprints creating wireframes for the site as a whole. Starting with defining a structure for the elements common to each page then slowing moving to more specific features on a page by page basis.


The results:

We’re also happy to think that we may have help MRG to understand their users a little better and will have helped them to grow by reducing the friction users were feeling when joining MRG via their website.

Shed Collective are currently in the process of developing the new MRG website using the initial UX work we provided. We’re excited to see the next chapter for MRG, confident their new digital offering is going to reach even more people with the excellent work they’re doing.

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